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My thoughts on Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.

"DATA" Is the HERO !

These days almost every organisation talks about data , I read somewhere a cool line " data is new currency ! " That’s actual and real. Everyone is talking about data and it is growing too fast. So to access that data and secure it , it needs space with reliable connectivity. Hence storage and networking played role of backbone for IT structure.

Well, with both networking and storage, we needed performance too. Basically to setup the base of any technology, Network, storage and compute are main ingredients.

Earlier, to fulfil all these requirements, great amount of investment was required i.e. huge storage boxes to save the data, complex networking to make them connected and brilliant range of computers to provide high performance

But the era has changed, hard work has been replaced by smart work. Today the world is walking on converged and hyperconverged platforms.

Converged infra is explained as a group or convergence of storage, compute, and networking into a single system meaning the connectivity, storage and performance in one box. The deployment of converged infra is compared to DIY (do it yourself) . One can deploy compute, storage and network component with ease. How cool is that !

Also, if we talk about benefits , It provides a platform for competitive , repeatable and modular deployment of data center resources for modern and rapid scalable environment which helps in consistence performance. Convergence also reduces the deployment risk . So Win win situation. Only part I look on other end is, its desirable in virtualized environments which require standard foundations for virtual resources but world is being virtualized on every aspect now :)

So this is turning point where the world is running towards virtualization, the explosion of information technology need advance infrastructure. Hence Hyper-convergence came to existence.

Hyper-Converged infrastructure or HCI is the solution of today's demand. This simplified solution uses software and x86 servers to replace expensive, purpose-built hardware. With hyperconverged infrastructure, you’ll decrease data center complexity and increase scalability. HCI combined common datacenter hardware using storage resources with intelligent piece of software to create building block that replaces legacy techniques.

HOW is this Magic Possible ?

The answer is simple, virtualization !

Network, compute and storage have been virtualized and moreover Operating systems too.

The virtualization softwares do all the magic. It abstracts and replicate almost everything possible component of data center into virtual and then dynamically allocates them to application running in VMs.


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